The 3D Bio-Motion Research Lab (3DBMRL) performs applied and basic research in human motion analysis. The lab is equipped with a Vicon motion capture system with 12 SV cameras and a Motion Analysis system.  The Motion Analysis system features a 4 megapixel resolution with a latency of only 1-2 frames. It is a real-time-specific system with Eagle-4 digital cameras that can collect at up to 500 Hz with a shutter speed ranging from 0-2000 µs.  The focal length can be adjusted from 18-52 mm.  Sophisticated models for biomechanics and animation applications are available for the whole body and the hand.  Visual3D software is used to analyze and share data with collaborators for various testing scenarios.  Visual3D data (collected from human subjects) can be used in human validation studies and to enhance simulation capabilities. Contact for more information.

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