Karim Abdel-Malek wearing VR goggles

At the University of Iowa Technology Institute, we conduct basic and applied research in flight testing and human performance, human modeling and simulation, driving and transportation, advanced manufacturing technology and robotics, and biomedical and biochemical science and engineering. We also conduct multi-disciplinary research in machine learning, smart sensors, remote sensing, renewable energy, and modeling of environmental change.

We provide a unique environment for research and development that spans 25 labs with the involvement of more than 160 faculty, staff, and student researchers. At the heart of ITI's core values is a strong belief in science. We strive to advance the field of modeling and simulation at all levels through a multi-disciplinary approach. Our researchers integrate mathematics, computers, programming, clinical approaches, data, and hardware into functioning prototypes and computer programs that can help people, and we have a strong focus on and tradition of transferring technology to the market.